Friday, June 05, 2015

Winning the Maze Runner Book Series!

I just won the entire The Maze Runner series at a Bingo game!

And this is the story: My senior graduating class held an all-night party (from 10pm to 5am) at the Rush Funplex, which is like an arcade/bowling alley/go-kart kind of thing. For the first few hours, my friends and I did a bunch of fun stuff, like go-kart, laser tag, bowling, mini golf course, and played some arcade games. But by the time two o'clock rolled around, we were all sort of worn out, so we all decided we'd crash the Bingo area and join in their little game. My friends and I went in, and I noticed that the prize that was displayed in front of the room was the entire The Maze Runner seriesthe box set! I was so determined to win that because, well, booksI was getting close to winning it, but the girl next to me ended up getting it. I thought I was done. I thought the prizes that were left for grabs were a bunch of coupons and gift cards. But then, my eyes happened to linger at the table up front, and I saw another box set of The Maze Runner series! I told my friends that I wouldn't leave the Bingo game until I get those books. And so, my friends and I stayed there until three o'clock in the morning, which was the set time for the Bingo game to close up.

It was really stressful, just watching the box set sitting in front of the room, waiting for someone to win the round and claim it. So, numbers were called, more people walked in, their eyes also set on the most wanted books. It wasn't until I was just one number away from winning that I started getting extremely fidgety. My diagonal pattern was almost complete, I just needed one more.

Then . . . B8 was called.

And I won. I won the entire The Maze Runner series! Everyone in that room literally looked at me like I was the luckiest person in the world at the moment. I felt so happy! I had my fingers crossed the entire time, and I've never really believed in those kind of things, but I guess crossing your fingers truly works. BECAUSE I WON THE ENTIRE SERIES.

I wanted to take home my Bingo board, frame it and hang it somewhere in my room. Because that Bingo board was my key to winning those books.

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